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Seal Coating & Striping

 • Seal Coating

 • Hot Crack Fill

 • Striping

 • Wheel Stops

 • Painted Curbs

 • Fire Lanes

 • Signage

 • Logo's

 • Lettering/ Numbering

Since asphalt is flexible and must be maintained, seal coating is recommended for every 2-3 years.  Seal Coating exclusively prevents fast deterioration and protects your asphalt from the elements of rain and sun.  This will help maintain the oils in the asphalt.  Seal Coating is a cost effecient way of making your parking lot look new!

Any forming cracks should also be filled with a hot liquid filler prior to seal coating.  This helps with further cracking due to water and weight.

Our highly trained crews use the proper equipment for all seal coating, lay-out, and striping.  We are also proud users of both GEMSEAL and SEALMASTER products.

ASCON Paving & Concrete    3455 Peachtree Rd. NE Suite 500 Atlanta, GA 30326

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